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Hello, i’m Inga Kervin, an artist & healer. I know that through our inner voice & alignment we can live happier fuller lives.  All of the answers to our life's questions can be found within. Our inner voice is a compass leading us to joy. Listening to my own inner voice has flowed me into a magical life. It is my soul's calling to encourage, inspire & spark healing in others. I can help you connect with your own inner voice so that you can heal & live the life you are on this earth to live. As you are reading these words, they will either resonate or they will not (and that will be okay). If you find yourself curious about Inner Voice work, Healing, Spirituality & the non-physical,  then you are a SEEKER. Welcome to this giant stage called "life". What will you manifest? How will you best express yourself in this life? What old beliefs no longer serve you? Follow me on my journey & allow me to help you connect to yours. 


Inga Kervn



Inner Voice & Alignment

 The ‘inner voice’ is your internal guiding system. Every human body is equipped with one! It is NOT the mind ego. Inner Voice is the part of us that is always calm & at peace. Inner Voice, is the one (real you) that witnesses the thoughts of the mind ego. Who you are is not mind ego. You are not your though. You are the witnesser of those thoughts.

 Alignment is when we are using our inner voice to guide our day to day. When we are not in alignment we feel : stressed, overwhelmed, anxious & exhausted. We become un-aligned when: we listen to mind ego & believe the fear, judgment & limiting belief thoughts it produces.

Inner Voice & Alignment guidance sessions reconnect you to your truth. Your inner guidance. I can help remove the mind ego stories in the sessions, so that you can get clear answers & back into alignment. When exercising the ability to connect to your deeper self you will notice shifts in your life. More joy, fulfillment & connection.-Inga Kervin

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Photography Sessions.

Let’s make make magic together. Do you have a vision or a desire to play? We can create a photoshoot based on a character or a feeling! Anything you desire or want to manifest. We will create meaningful visual images......co-creating art together.  All ideas & subjects welcome.

All photoshoots include unlimited photos with color + black/white edits. All photos will be uploaded to Dropbox. A USB drive can be purchased for an additional $25. 

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Voice Memos: Journey To Align-Tenment

Voice Memos

5 minute discussions/rants/limiting beliefs release. My hope is to inspire & start you on asking the deeper questions about why your unhappy, why your struggling, why your suffering & why your not living in a reality your in love with. I will be adding to them daily. My hope is to grow a Library documenting a journey through the mind/ego to INNER BEING...


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