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Thank You For Landing On my page

Hello all! Thank you for landing on my website. I feel as though you must be a seeker. Or at the very least interested in arts, healing & self expression.

My name is Inga Kervin, I am in love with the art of transformation. Transforming who we are & the world around us. Transforming things with my hands (painting) makes me feel connected to the world around me. Creating brings me peace & sharing it brings me joy. Creativity is a direct line into our authentic selves...the part of us that can never die & that is expression in its purest form.  I believe that through art, photography & inner voice work we can gain clarity, understanding & peace with who we are. All of the answers to our life's questions can be found within. The insights that this work has given me has forever changed the quality & abundance in my life. I have chosen to encourage, inspire & facilitate healing in connecting you to the inner truth that has always been available to you. Art, Photography & Inner Voice work have been conduits for my growth & manifestations in this life. These are the tools I know best. I hope to use them for healing & connection within those who find me. As you are reading these words, they will either resonate or they will not (and that will be okay too)....If you find yourself curious about Inner Voice work, Healing, Art, Authentic self, Photography & Self expression then you are a seeker. Welcome to this giant stage called "life". What will you manifest? How will you best express yourself with your gifts? How will you enjoy this life to its fullest & what old beliefs no longer serve you? Follow my on my journey with these questions on my blog titled, "morning pages."

Follow me on my spiritual journey & Align-Tenment.

When You Heal. They Heal. Humanity Heals