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Inner Voice Guidance Therapy

 Haven't you always known the answers to all of your life's questions? Have you had an inkling of the truth or intuition behind the question? Have you in a moment of clarity and clear space arrived at exactly where you needed to be? Have you ever had an answer come to you in the shower, just before you open your eyes in the morning, during a walk to the trash can, while washing dishes or on a phone call helping a friend sort through her problems? We have the ability to tap into something that is beyond the mind. An all knowing source that holds all truths....But we have to battle our minds to get a direct line to this truth. The daily stresses & mental chatter that we take on can all but silence this inner voice. Our minds make fear, anxiety, stress and ego chatter so loud the we forget who we really are.......the immortal self that is no effected by these 3 dimensional mortal concerns. The part of us that is love and is always available to us the moment we seek it. The inner voice is what guides us with wisdom and love. I will help you develop a connection with your Inner Voice.....a connection that is available to you anywhere & always. I would love to work with you & your inner voice. Book some time for a one on one session. I look forward to being in presence with you.  XOXO, Inga Kervin 

Are you ready to find the answers to your questions? I will guide you into a deep inner world & conversation with your own inner voice. I will gently guide you into a deep state of being that produces all the answers to life questions. Its my hope to facilitate breakthroughs & the release of limiting beliefs, that hold you back from your truth & your life's purpose

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